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Posted on Apr 2 2013 - 5:45pm by Author B.L. Brown

Country Music Sensation Levi Riggs- “I’m Good” Lyric Video 

If you haven’t heard, the 8th Wonder of the World is up and coming multi-talent country music sensation Levi Riggs.  Levi is sculpting his place in the world of country music. He has been dedicated and hard at work “swooning audiences” since the age of 10 striking a chord world-wide. I had the wonderful opportunity to interview country music sensation, Levi Riggs. Country music has trend into one of the most popular genres of the music world-wide. There are many self-proclaimed musicians globally, but approximately a few will actually climb to the top of the music business. Not only is Riggs a music sensation, he’s an out of the ordinary song writer and lyrical genius. Levi Riggs showcases his musical song writing talents in lyrics of passion, pain, perseverance and success.  Songs of passion from the heart displaying the journey of an artist’s life can in due course become hits at the top of the charts.

Riggs career got a boost in 2012 when his newly released single “There’s Still A Place For That,” hit the charts. Riggs has worked with some well-known country music artists- My favorite song that I’ve written so far is a song I wrote with Dan Truman of Diamond Rio: Born To Farm”. Levi Riggs As all do, the music industry has musicians who have little talent; however, the skillful ability to immediately draw people in is what they do have.

There’s no doubt about Levi Riggs’ talent. His musical talent is undeniable. With his nose steadfast to the grindstone, Riggs knows he is traveling on the superstardom road to becoming one of the biggest stars in country music history touring ventures internationally. Along with his equally talented band members. So, if you haven’t heard or simply want to know more check out my exclusive interview with multi-talent country music sensation Levi Riggs. His talents alone will keep you reading; most importantly, leave you wanting more. Enjoy!

Headed Home-“My sister, Lauren and I wrote “Headed Home” for Josh Miner, whom the song is about. That was the first song I ever wrote, and it came from a place of hurt and sincerity”. –Levi Riggs

Halo-Orangees Author B.L. Brown Interview with Country Music Sensation Levi Riggs

Riggs Concert

Author B.L. Brown-Please tell Halo-Orangees’ readers a little about Levi Riggs. Where are you from?

Levi Riggs- I was born in Danville, IN but spent time living in New Prague, MN and Canyon, TX.  We moved around a lot when I was a kid.  We finally landed back where we started from in Indiana, and that’s where I finished high school.  I had to learn to make new friends fast, and I was able to experience some different small-town community cultures. 

Author B.L. Brown-When did you realize becoming a country music artist was your destiny?

Levi Riggs-I knew fairly early on, about age 11, that I was musically inclined and that it was my true talent that set me apart from other kids.  In 5th grade, I sang a John Michael Montgomery song called “Sold” in a concert and ran way up into the stands to sing it to my favorite teacher in the audience.  Everybody knew from that point on what I was born to do.  I was the lead role in all of my high school musicals.  I also sang the National Anthem for my own Regional Championship football game…and then went out to tackle a guy on kickoff!   I continued to perform music through college with the Purdue University Varsity Glee Club. That experience included lots of traveling to many beautiful places that most people never get to see.  I met and performed with a lot of amazing people.  All of them inspired me to pursue the genre of music that came naturally to me…. country music.

Author B.L. Brown-How do you define your music?  

Levi Riggs –My music is based on faith, family, patriotism, and fun.  Nothing is contrived.  Everything I sing about is descriptive of me and my ruralpolitan lifestyle.

Author B.L. Brown- I love “Headed Home”-Ultimately, lyrics of pain become hits at the top of the music charts. A close friend who was killed in an unfortunate motorcycle accident influenced the creation of your single “Headed Home”; do you find it difficult to perform this song?

Levi Riggs –My sister, Lauren and I wrote “Headed Home” for Josh Miner, whom the song is about. He was like a little brother to me.  We went paintballing and played basketball all the time.  I sang “How Great Thou Art” over his casket at his funeral.  That was the toughest performances I ever delivered.  However, in times like that, music can be a great outlet for dealing with pain.  That was the first song I ever wrote, and it came from a place of hurt and sincerity.  When I perform it, it always strikes a chord with someone in the audience who has been dealing with the loss of a loved one.  They tell me how much they appreciate the song and how it helps them cope.  But I actually wrote the song for me, because in the beginning, I needed the healing.  There actually was a concert last year that I couldn’t start the song because I was crying as I told folks about Josh’s accident.  But the thoughts of that day’s events coming back to me really shook me up that night.

Author B.L. Brown-What is your favorite song from the collection of songs you have written?

Levi Riggs –My favorite song that I’ve written so far is a song I wrote with Dan Truman of Diamond Rio.  It was my first day in Nashville, and I was supposed to be writing with someone else, but that guy cancelled on me.  When you are in Nashville, you never know who will come through the door and that day, it was Dan Truman…  He said, “What are you doing?”  I said, “I’m here to write a song.”  He said, “Let’s go!”  We went up to a small room, and he brought his keyboard and I had my guitar…He said, “You got any ideas?”  I said yea, “Born To Farm.”  It was inspired by a friend of mine, Dale Newhart, who had the saying on the back of his truck.  He is the epitome of a guy who lives to farm.  So we wrote it, demoed it and one day, I’ll record it!  We open every show with it, and the crowd loves it!  Dan has been a great mentor to me in getting started writing in Nashville.  It takes mentors like that to achieve success.

Author B.L. Brown-The best rewards in life are created from negative circumstances. What has been the greatest obstacle/challenge you’ve overcome on your journey of superstardom?

Levi Riggs- I feel like I am just starting to reach my potential musically. I am constantly trying to learn, improve, and grow.  My family dealt with alcohol problems that really rocked us for most of my upbringing.  The song “Whiskey Sunrise” that I recorded speaks to that.  Basically, I spent as much time as I could out of the house playing sports or performing music and that is basically how I developed my drive and work ethic.  The drive and respect towards the work that goes into the music is what has helped me excel to this point.

Author B.L. Brown-What’s next for Levi Riggs musically? 

Levi Riggs –I’m currently in the studio working on a project with Matt McClure at Ocean Way Studio in Nashville.  Matt is coming off of a number one record with Lee Brice on “Hard To Love” and experiencing great success with “I Drive Your Truck.”  I feel like his level of creativity in the studio will help my success on our next record.  We have a great lineup of great songs written by some well-known writers, including Mark Nesler.  I can’t wait to perform them this summer!

Author B.L. Brown-What is your favorite quote?  

Levi Riggs –Attitude is everything.” – My dad, Roy Riggs. I’ve found this to be true.  If you keep a positive attitude, things tend to work out.  If your attitude stinks, things will fall apart.

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Drop by Levi Riggs social media sites follow, like and listen: Twitter @leviriggs.  Facebook.com: leviriggs YouTube:http://www.youtube.com/user/LeviRiggs?feature=watch

Levi Riggs Music: Levi Riggs – F-150  My Best Friend’s A Girl – by Levi Riggs Levi Riggs – Born To Farm (live) Levi Riggs – Headed Home

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