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Posted on Apr 4 2013 - 11:46am by Author B.L. Brown

The Echo of Individuality Positive Change and Second Chances-Whether you’ve heard of her or not by the end of this interview, you’ll yearn to know more. Her spectacle rendition of “God Put a Rainbow in the Sky” presented in this interview will blow you away. Traci Braxton from Wetv hit series “Braxton Family Values” is a model of individuality, positive change and second chances.

Being different is a good thing; however, it is not always an easy thing. The world we live in today often frowns upon individuality. Characterizations labels are often immediately cuffed on people with complete individuality, suppressing them from being true to who they are as individuals. I’m sure Ms. Braxton can relate since she’s been labeled “The Wannabe” on “BFVS”. Yet, I’ve been unable to compare Traci Braxton and “The Wannabe”. Quite the reverse, I was able to conjoin Traci Braxton & individuality.

Life would be meaningless without individuality.  Choosing the unique self-defined road of individuality, rather than the powerless “people” define highway of confinement, leads to success! In truth, you will vanish in a group of identical people.  We’ve all dreamed of a successful career, but finding the courage to make your dream reality can be difficult. Not only do you have to meet the demands of endless long hours and hard work, you also must cope with the difficulty involved and the uncertainty of essentially getting where you want to be.  Ms. Braxton forwent her dreams to marry, start a family, and a career in social work helping children with disabilities. We’re all created for the purpose of fulfilling our destiny. It’s the lessons learned on the rocky journey of life that directs our path, and prepares us for our destiny. Furthermore, life without obstacles is meaningless.

A new season of the “BFVS”, along with a physical transformation from weight loss has inspired many to take notice of Ms. Braxton. The successful achievement of weight loss is a motivating tool of positive change. With a second change and new found confidence, Ms. Braxton has broken out of her shell and restructured her life plan to include Traci Braxton the business woman.

Halo-Orangees Author B. L. Brown Interview with “Braxton Family Values” Traci Braxton

Author B.L. Brown- Tell Halo-Orangees readers a little about Traci Braxton. Where are you from? What inspires you?

Traci Braxton: I’m a funny, caring and loving person that people just love to be around. My sisters and I grew up in Severn,  Maryland along with my one Brother Michael.

Author B.L. Brown-How is the family Kevin Sr., Kevin Jr., mom, dad and your sisters?

Traci Braxton:  Everyone is doing great, thank you for asking!

Author B.L. Brown- What is Traci Braxton the business woman like?

Traci Braxton: I’m a very passionate, driven and focused businesswoman hard at work to build a successful brand.

Author B.L. Brown-Individuality is one of the most profound characteristics that a person can possess. I’ve been unable to make the connection between Traci Braxton and the title of “The Wannabe”. 

You’ve carried this title since season one of Braxton Family Values.  How did it come about? How does being labeled “The Wannabe”make you feel?

Traci Braxton: The wannabe came about, because I always stated I wanted to be with my sisters. I wanted to perform with my sisters and spend more time with them. For a while people didn’t know that there was a fifth Braxton sister, because I live in the DMV area and my sisters lived Atlanta. With the success of our show, we are now able to see more of each other and do more things together then we have ever done.

Author B.L. Brown- What is the biggest misconception about you?

Traci Braxton: People think I’m quiet and just going to sit back and allow others to run over me.  You don’t know Traci Braxton let me come out my shell one time and you will see “The Real Traci Braxton”….LOL

Author B.L. Brown-Your musical talents were highlighted on season 2.5 Episode 4 of Braxton Family Values. Many viewers, myself included, were blown away when you met with vocal coach, Terrance Lee Jones and sung “God Put a Rainbow in the Sky”. Traci “SANGING” Braxton, when can we expect your debut album?

Traci Braxton: Hmmmmmm stay tune! 

Author B.L. Brown- What has your greatest achievement been?

Traci Braxton: Being a wonderful wife of 17 years and a proud mother of my only son Kevin! 

Author B.L. Brown- What doors have Braxton Family Values opened for you?

Traci Braxton: Oh wow…so many…. My sisters and I have so many opportunities and projects that we’re all working on, businesses, so yes this show has giving us all a platform to further our careers.

Author B.L. Brown-What inspired or influenced your decision to lose weight?

Traci Braxton: My sister Toni helped me understand why she stated what she did last season about my weight… Yes I was mad at that moment, however after we had a one-on-one conversation she opened my eyes to understand why she made the commitment about my weight, plus I’m a diabetic so it was important for me to get my life and health together. 

Author B.L. Brown-What were your greatest challenges during weight lost process?

Traci Braxton: Getting in the habit of eating less unhealthy foods and getting in the transition of eating healthier foods and exercising which is something I wasn’t truly used to doing. 

Author B.L. Brown- What would be your advice to girls struggling with low self-confidence, poor body image, and the peer pressure of fitting in with the “so call in crowd”?

Traci Braxton: Love yourself and respect yourself and don’t let anyone walk over you! 

Author B.L. Brown-What are your future career goals?

Traci Braxton: Just to do what I’ve always wanted to do…. music, acting, radio and continue to support charities.

Author B.L. Brown- What’s your favorite quote?

Traci Braxton: “Live Life to the Fullest”

Traci Braxton Singing-God Put A RainbowIn The Sky’

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Be sure to tune in to Wetv hit series “Braxton Family Values” Thursday’s 9/8C.


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  1. TashaV38128 April 8, 2013 at 12:39 am -

    Traci is really coming into her own. She has always been in the background w/ the other Braxtons sister but this season we’re given an opportunity to see her in the light that we’ve never had before. I’m really enjoying watching the show & am pleased that all of the sisters, excluding Toni, are getting the recognition that is way way overdue.

  2. Flex April 5, 2013 at 7:11 pm -

    Looking good…sexy Traci

  3. I Like April 5, 2013 at 7:08 pm -

    She can sing for real.

  4. Mike April 5, 2013 at 7:05 pm -

    Damn Traci can sing better than Toni.

  5. YoYo April 5, 2013 at 7:03 pm -

    Nice interview will tune in & watch Traci’s show.

  6. Terri April 5, 2013 at 6:59 pm -

    I love video!