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Employer-employee relationships play a huge part in today’s workforce. In order to survive in today’s world, most individuals must be gainfully employed. The employer-employee relationship is at the core of the workplace. We spend at least 8 hours a day in the workplace, so, it needs to be a healthy environment. The employer is responsible for creating an environment that empowers employees and sparks creativity. The employer has the responsibility of setting a tone that will not hinder the employee’s ability to successfully perform to company standards in accordance with its mission and brand. It is the employees’ responsibility to honor, respect, and adhere to the organization’s guidelines, always demonstrating a willingness to cooperate with others for the good of the team. Employees should strive to build and develop relationships that provide a variety of learning opportunities. These opportunities include building a rapport with members within the organization and even seeking out a mentor who could be a valuable asset to an employee’s future success. An employee should strive to identify weaknesses within him or herself and strive to improve. The same should apply to the corporate entity.

There are advantages of having a cohesive team. Being a part of a team that understands the goals and objectives of the organization is invaluable. Possessing this knowledge enables each team member to play a key role in the organization. Implementing organizational brand standards conveys the importance of an employer-employee partnership. Managers and non-managers should be subject to the assessment during the interview process. The purpose of the assessment is to help organizations select qualified candidates to carry out the organization’s vision and mission, in accordance with the brand, in a “one accord” employer-employee team environment. The interview process provides a short window of opportunity to learn the characteristics of an individual prior to employment.

Credentials reflected on a resume are usually what prompt the decision to interview or hire; however, attitude, performance, skills, and team playing are vital factors in an employee meeting probationary requirements and, ultimately, remaining an active member of the organization.

A good leader knows the theoretical process required to perform each team member’s job, as well as the technical capacity to discern the skills needed for proper execution and completion. Staff members come and go; however, as a leader, the most reliable person you have on your team is yourself. Halo-Orangees employer-employee “one accord” One Mind, One Body, One Team




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  1. Tammy June 6, 2013 at 11:09 pm -

    Cohesive teams are profitable however hard to assemble since the current employer job seeker universe is so unstable. The recruiter job seeker marketplace is a large pool of turnover in and out. I was on monster and careerbuilders the selection of positions are few almost nonexistent.

  2. Kandi June 6, 2013 at 10:58 pm -

    Employers don’t want to take responsible in today’s workplace. They could careless about employees.