The Term Employer-Employee “one accord” is a Bankrupt Economic Failure in Many Companies

Posted on Jul 31 2013 - 10:53am by Halo-Orangees Staff
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Workplace Unity

Workplace unity is becoming more and more obsolete within organizations across the globe. The benefits of being an employee in today’s workforce are dwindling with each passing day. The term employer-employee “one accord” is a bankrupt economic failure in many companies. The decline and backlash of positive employer-employee relationships is largely due to the lack of leadership in cohesive environments, poor development periods, and weak policies and procedures. Organizations and their financial resources invested in employee profitability are being superseded by negativity, drama, power struggles, back stabbing, and endless gossip. The benefit factor of organizational achievement should always be measured and weighed in every transaction. Organizational foundations are built around the vision, mission, and brand.

Organizations and their reputations depend on the achievement of the vision, mission and brand being successfully met. Organizations that fail to successfully reach the goals of the core foundations of what they stand for are in for a bumpy ride. All organizations should pose these questions. Are the policies and practices beneficial? Do they measure up by achieving the goals and objectives? Is the current overall organizational structure beneficial to the company? Does the organizational structure need to be revamped? Are there departments that hinder an organization’s success? Are the appointed leaders able to skillfully lead their team toward fulfilling the purpose of the organization?

Goals and objectives must be realized. The purpose of the workplace should be to uphold and enforce organizational goals in accordance with ethical standards. This process starts with the CEO and other executive leaders. Halo-Orangees wholeheartedly believes the ‘One Mind, One Body, One Team’ concept is essential to all organizations and must be understood and executed by all staff members no matter the title or rate of pay.

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