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Halo-Orangees’ “Workplace Letter of Forgiveness Movement” (Phrase One)

Difficult People in the Workplace: Beyond the workplace’s purpose are difficult people. We’ve all had to, at one time or another; deal with difficult people in the workplace. Difficult people are like an assorted bag of sour candy; they come in an array of bitter, unpleasant personalities. Problematic employees, such as these, are not just limited to line level employees, but managers and executive leaders are often amongst the culprits of disgruntled behavior. Common characteristics that difficult employees display are:

  • Negativity
  • Drama
  • Power struggles
  • Complaining
  • Backstabbing
  • Endless gossip
  • Lack of accountability
  • Sense of entitlement
  • Jealousy
  • Lack of Personal Integrity

Unfortunately, some people bear a complex combination of all these characteristics. These behaviors are often a result of low self-confidence, past experiences, and lack of fulfillment and success in their personal lives and careers. The inner belief of knowing who they are as an “individual” and “who they have the power to become” doesn’t exist. Most disgruntled employees are self-proclaimed workplace superstars. They believe they are the only knowledgeable member on the team.  Difficult people often times have a strong sense of entitlement! In their mind, they are the greatest asset to the organization and deserve royal treatment. They are flawlessly perfect and above reproach. 

In true reality, they aren’t perfect; they lack self-growth and will shun from development for the better.  To compensate for their lack of confidence and job performance, difficult people in the workplace are skilled at creating negativity spreading malicious gossip about others. This involves character assassination and endless attacks on job performance of co-workers.

They long to be workplace superstars, but they don’t perform on the required level to claim that title.  Most difficult people crave the spotlight and will go to extreme measures to obtain it. They live and breathe to dismantle any positivity relating to the betterment of the workplace environment. They struggle for power and control obsessively. The term accountability is not a part of their vocabulary; therefore, it holds no value in “their unrealistic world.” However, complaining is a native language to difficult employees; they whine about everything from their personal woes in life to their workspace not being big enough to the bathroom not having the right hand soap for their special hands. There is no satisfying them!

Difficult Boss : The leader determines whether the team will be a dysfunctional or a “one accord” high performing team (Author B.L. Brown Halo-Orangees). So, in order to clearly understand a team, start by observing the words and actions of the leader. I’ve had the privilege of working with a difficult boss who perfected the art of insulting employees on a daily basis. He took pride in insulting his employees. His cynical personality was like no other that I’ve encountered in my extensive career. He overlooked the skilled employees and lured in unskilled employees, forming an alliance to boost his low self-esteem and lack of self -confidence. This executive leader has a sick sense of dislike for highly productive performing employees with self-confidence. His behavior was negative and unstable at best. Bad bosses are similar to an infectious virus. Usually, they have a mass of complex personalities that damages their ability to successfully lead. Their destructive emotions persecute them into a single-minded existence.  A leader who lacks the ability to discern their role and responsibility in completing daily tasks typically possesses poor communication skills. Organizations must make a valiant effort to ensure that the management team can hold its own, because if not, conflict/issues will emerge. 

When organizations allow managers to be or remain deficient in their behavior and performance, what are the principles of the organizational core values and standards? Companies that are knowingly operating with weak management core values or standards should recite the following message: “We pride ourselves in creating a non-cohesive work environment filled with inequitable leaders, failed goals and objectives, and ongoing conflict. Our organizational focus is guaranteeing that the employee’s ‘revolving turnover/revolving door’ is set to automatic.”

 1.      Understanding Difficult People in the Workplace- Difficult people can annoy everyone around them, forcing favorable working environments to turn for the unfavorable fast. The word peace is not a part of their mindset. Their state of mind is trained to make great attempts to suck and manipulate everyone around them into their endless world of misery. It’s imperative to understand the cause of problematic people’s behavior. People full of drama have too often been victims of negative actions and behaviors themselves. Within the negative behavior lie deep pain and a lack of forgiveness. The ongoing anger and resentment is often a result of past masked hurtful acts of others. Bear in mind, they can’t heal and move forward for failure to understand the genius of forgiveness. In order to properly heal and live a purposeful life, one must possess the ability to forgive!

2.  Conflict Resolution: How to Professionally Address Difficult People Head-On –The consequences of leaving issues unresolved are risky! Issues that are swept under the rug are simply stirring and compounding, only to rise later and break the surface in the form of a tumultuous wind storm. The only way a person will know how to improve is by being informed of necessary areas in which they need to improve.  Therefore, disgruntled people (employees, co-workers, and managers) who demonstrate unprofessional nasty behavior must be addressed. A professional open, honest, straightforward and respectful discussion must take place.  No matter how bad the circumstances may be, addressing the issues head-on is unavoidable.  As an adult in a professional work environment, acceptable and unacceptable behavior should be a matter of common sense. People can only do what is allowed. For this reason, addressing conflict as soon as it arises is the best approach. As previously mentioned, effective communication is the core of any relationship and has to be honestly undertaken by all involved persons. Define the workplace boundary of respect to help create a peaceful working environment for all employees. A peaceful working environment in turn produces upward success for the organization.

3. Forgive Promotion –After you’ve spoken with the difficult person and voiced your concerns move ahead in a positive manner. Let go of the past negative actions and behavior of that difficult person. While it is hard to forgive people who mistreat you, it is wise and advantageous to do so. It is beneficial not to pursue revenge against people who made an effort to hurt you. Letting go of resentment and opening your heart to forgiveness is the best approach. Forgiveness is empowering! It does not mean you are excusing the behavior of your perpetrator, but rather, it’s your refusal to get sucked into their bitter world of misery. There will always be people working against you! Unfortunately, it is all a part of the journey of life.  Remember you are in control of you. The key to mastering the unjust actions of others is remaining true to good moral character. At the end of the day, the only person who can alter your destiny is you. When people seek ways to harm you, put on your shield of confidence and positively move forward. You are simply opening the door to a healthy, stress-free workplace. “Remember tomorrow is not yesterday! Tomorrow is the beginning of a fresh start with a new perspective, meaning, don’t allow the attitude and actions of yesterday to dictate your tomorrow. Carrying the baggage of yesterday into a new day can affect your attitude and create unnecessary stress” (Author B.L. Brown Halo-Orangees Book).

4.   The Lesson- It is hard to put your best foot forward in an unhealthy organizational environment where the core values and standards are non-existent or ignored. In most instances, it takes every ounce of inner and outer strength to get out of bed in the morning knowing you have to return to a job you detest. Aside from the essential strength to deal with unhappy people in the workplace lies growth and development opportunity. As human beings, we face challenges throughout our lives; those same challenges allow us to personally and professionally grow stronger. Under the surface of every conflict is an enormous chance for successful growth and development. The lesson is your above board ability to professionally handle unpleasant workplace circumstances. This skill is a key element to success in all aspects of your life.

5. Benefit of Forgiveness

  • Joy
  • Peace
  • Happiness
  • Healing
  • Strength
  • Courage
  • Understanding
  • Wisdom
  • Stress-free
  • Healthy well-being
  • Maturing
  • Letting go and moving forward!

The benefit of forgiveness means not living in the past. Forgiveness brings a fresh new perceptive about life. The benefit of forgiveness is remembering everyone makes mistakes.  For encouraging workplace forgiveness and profitable development, Halo-Orangees Blog has created the Workforce Letter of Forgiveness Movement. Our Workforce Letter of Forgiveness Movement is designed to heal workplace environments consumed with the infectious viruses of negative behavior, harmful tireless emotional states, and resentment.

On Fridays we will post “Workforce Letter of Forgiveness” from workforce employees-employers world-wide. 

Halo-Orangees’ Workforce Letter of Forgiveness Movement Guidelines
How It Works-If you’re experiencing conflicts at work or have encountered past problematic people in the workplace, you are invited to join Halo-Orangees Workforce Letter of Forgiveness Movement. This movement is designed to aid immediately the start of healing within workplace environments. As workforce professionals, we spend eight to twelve hours five days a week in our perspective workplace.

Although each letter must display an attempt someone made to hurt you, the positive outcome of their actions must be indicated or the letter serves no beneficial purpose on Halo-Orangees Blog. Keep in mind Halo-Orangees Blog is a balance between negative and positive life change. “Our Blog delivers reinforcement and inspirations to our community of readers to never give up, by taking the totality of their negative experiences, rolling them in one, and use them positively to lay the foundation to their destiny,” (Author B.L. Brown-Halo-Orangees Book).

We are committed to supporting people (our community of readers) who are encountering hardships in their personal and professional life to change their mind-set for a focus on better results.
To be part of this movement, submit your “Workforce Letter of Forgiveness” by Wednesday of each week (6:00 P.M.). All letters submitted after the current week’s deadline will be posted the following week.  It is unacceptable to use actual names on the Workforce Letter of Forgiveness. Therefore, all Workforce Letter of Forgiveness must include pin names. This keeps the inspirational vibe alive!  Submit your story via Halo-Orangees submission form or email us at halo-orangees@halo-orangees.com. Please make sure the subject of your email reads “Workforce Letter of Forgiveness Submission”.

All Workforce Letter of Forgiveness submission should appear in the same format as “Dear Boss” Sample Workforce Letter of Forgiveness posted below.

Sample Workforce Letter of Forgiveness

Dear Boss:

I forgive you for making my workplace experience with this organization miserable.  I would especially like to thank you for all of your disrespectful words and unprofessional behavior you repeatedly demonstrated against me. For your boundless attempt to break/hurt me has given me the power to exceed all of the original professional expectations I set for myself. You have given me the courage to rise above all the negativity and climb the ladder of success.  Therefore, I wish you the best in all your future endeavors. I have now come to realize you are a positive part of my success, because your poor disrespectful behavior against me has empowered my aim for higher career goals and opportunities. It has enabled my dream to successfully launch my own business.

Warmest Regards, 


Reiteration of Guidelines & Encouragement

Please make sure the subject of your email reads “Workforce Letter of Forgiveness Submission”. Remember each letter must have an equal balance between negative and positive. The positive ending of the negative actions must be primary or your letter won’t be posted (negative=positive). With great emphasis AGAIN, this platform will absolutely never be used to HURT ANYONE! It is against the guidelines to include actual names (PIN NAMES ONLY). The core purpose of this movement is to open doors of forgiveness, healing, and self-realization to a destined driven life purpose!

“Inner belief is the awareness of knowing who you are as an individual and believing in who you have the power to become” (Author B.L. Brown Halo-Orangees).




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