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Letter #1

Dear Boss: I wanted to share a few things with you as I make my departure. I want you to know that the stress-induced environment that you have created in the workplace has become the worst working atmosphere for employees I have witnessed in all my life. Most of your management team and the employees alike agree that your leadership is grossly ineffective. Because of you, I have been working under an insurmountable amount of stress.  The false accusations against me, malicious rumors you spread about me, the harassment, office politics, daily deceit, threats, betrayal, discrimination, and retaliation has been almost unbearable. Devaluing my contribution to the department despite my eagerness to help our organization thrive, setting workplace traps designed for me to fail, and assassinating my character throughout the organization left me in utter disgust. However, on this day of September  12, 2013, I see clearly now, with a new set of eyes. I will no longer allow you to steal from me, bringing your deceitful & false-hearted energy into my personal space. I can honestly say that my soul is clean and my mind is fully renewed, refreshed, and restored. I am so grateful to have escaped this misery and found new life, on higher ground with a greater sense of purpose. I have consciously chosen to believe in the infinite possibilities that this universe will bring me. And on this day, I forgive you, knowing that everything you did to me has already been done to you.

Growing in Grace,


Letter #2

Dear Co-Worker: I would like to extend by hands and thanks to you for trying to make my tenure with this organization unpleasant. There was a time when I’d rather be injected with a thousand large needles all at once than enter work and encounter you. The dislike I once possessed in my heart for you covered a huge percentage of my heart. I’ve come to realize the only person these emotions (feelings) were affecting was me. The influence these emotions had over my actions were more hurtful to me than you. It hindered my ability to succeed professionally. Experience is the core teacher of life. As a result of my experience with you, I have gain knowledge. This new knowledge has enabled a skilled quality within that facilitates my ability to deal with co-workers and employers who attempt to draw others into their world “misery loves company parties”. I have mastered the skills of not allowing others to control my actions. Thank you so much for your behavior toward me for your timing was perfect. I wish you the best in your future endeavors!

Best Wishes,


Letter #3

Dear CAO: I hope all is going well in your work world. I am writing you to inform you that my heart has been open and invited in a great life benefit of forgiveness.  Your hardcore unprofessionalism and cut throat demeanor aimed at destroying my reputation has proven to be beneficial on my behalf. My experience with you has taught me how to deal with people who possess low self-esteem, who are in need of a mental evaluation and who possess heavy hateful hearts. I 100% wholeheartedly forgive you for all of your aimless efforts to bring me down to your underground level of lowness. If it had not been for you I would not know how to survive in the land of cut-throat Corporate America. The thought of you use to mean bearing pain, but it now brings full feeling of gracefulness. Mr. G your shot to stem my growth has sponsored my promotion to higher grounds in Corporate America. The quote, “The best rewards in life are created from negative circumstances.” –Author B.L. Brown is evidence in my life. You have proven to be a profitable utensil, because of my interacting with you I’ve learned to properly handle unhappy people who live to hurt others.


CEO of Better Management

Letter #4

Dear Co-Worker: You may be wondering why I’m submitting this letter to you after not working for you over 5 years. Ponder no longer. I felt the need to thank you.  For what you may ask?  Allow me to explain.  Your concerns of my personal affairs while on the job, your unethical behavior towards not only me but the staff & tenants while on the job were of such poor taste.  Your actions demonstrated that you didn’t have the work experience, concern, cultural diversity & sensitivity to work with people from all walks of life.  I would like to add that I prayed that you see such errors in your ways.  I am a strong believer in the biblical words, “no weapon formed against me shall prosper”.  Ms. J let it be known that every weapon you tried to aim at me failed to hit me and I pray that those arrows you aimed at me don’t reverse & bull eyes you, if they haven’t already.  I take pride and a sense of happiness & peace in knowing that I’m the bigger person in taking an action such as praying for you and your negative mindset and spirit.

Lastly, I would like to thank you because through you I learned to continue to not judge others based on race, creed, or religion.  I am also graceful to you for showing me that people only want to be treated with dignity, fairness & respect, regardless of anything.   I almost forgot to mention that you taught me that gossip & sabotaging can be more poisonous on the job than a snake bite.  I always have & will continue to refrain from such petty actions on the job but instead pray for others instead of judging them.  As stated earlier I genuinely hope that this letter catches you in great peace, prosperity & a greater knowledge than ever before.

Respectfully Submitted, 

Formal Employee

Halo-Orangees’ Workforce Letter of Forgiveness Movement Guidelines

How It Works-If you’re experiencing conflicts at work or have encountered past problematic people in the workplace, you are invited to join Halo-Orangees Workforce Letter of Forgiveness Movement. This movement is designed to aid immediately the start of healing within workplace environments. As workforce professionals, we spend eight to twelve hours five days a week in our perspective workplace.

Although each letter must display an attempt someone made to hurt you, the positive outcome of their actions must be indicated or the letter serves no beneficial purpose on Halo-Orangees Blog. Keep in mind Halo-Orangees Blog is a balance between negative and positive life change.  The letters shouldn’t be redundant or filled mostly with negativity.  Remember they are meant to bring balance with a positive outcome produced in closing. “Our Blog delivers reinforcement and inspirations to our community of readers to never give up, by taking the totality of their negative experiences, rolling them in one, and use them positively to lay the foundation to their destiny,” (Author B.L. Brown-Halo-Orangees Book).

We are committed to supporting people (our community of readers) who are encountering hardships in their personal and professional life to change their mind-set for a focus on better results.

To be part of this movement, submit your “Workforce Letter of Forgiveness” by Wednesday of each week (6:00 P.M.). All letters submitted after the current week’s deadline will be posted the following week.  It is unacceptable to use actual names on the Workforce Letter of Forgiveness. Therefore, all Workforce Letter of Forgiveness must include pin names. This keeps the inspirational vibe alive!  Submit your story via Halo-Orangees submission form or email us at Please make sure the subject of your email reads “Workforce Letter of Forgiveness Submission”.

All Workforce Letter of Forgiveness submission should appear in the same format as letters above “Workforce Letters of Forgiveness” posted above from Halo-Orangees followers.


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