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Letter #1

Dear Boss: Beyond your unprofessional conduct are miracles and blessings in my life. Yes, the abusive dialogue I suffered for five years as an employee under your guidance mentally impaired my mindset for a period of time. Your version of leadership fashion can go down in the history book of world records, as the greatest leader to mentally destroy employees’ morale key for employees to effectively perform in the workplace. The external link to excel under your guidance-leadership style was nonexistent. In spite of that, I’m writing you this letter to inform you that I 100% from the sole of my feet thank you for being a cruel person. While working in your department, I developed a love for working with inner city children teaching them the importance of education, believing in yourself, and living your dream. I love working with today’s youth. I’m enrolled in school to become a guidance counsel. If it hadn’t been for you, I possibly wouldn’t have searched my “career soul”.  A new happier energetic me has materialized as a result of your misconduct.

Full Gracefulness,

Resigned Renewed Former Employee

 Letter #2

Hello Messy Background:The environment that was forced upon staff members with you as the director was pure hell. Managers were given a license to treat staff like waste from a swap. If a staff member salary was below a certain range, they were classified as irrelevant with no consideration. The management team were royalty and lower level staff members with salaries below a certain range were “trash” non-relevant. Plenty sleepless nights along with anxiety and depression almost shredded my mental mind into nonfunctional pieces. Until one day, I decided that the features that you and your managers possess didn’t fit who I am as an employee. So, I formulated my career goals into a timeline that didn’t include the “Treat Staff Like Shi…t” Company. Logic over matter prompted my resignation from the “Treat Staff Like Shi…t Company”. Thank you for the early lesson of the workforce. I’m honored to have met you at such a young age to gain understanding on how some organizations operate. I’ll be more selective on applying for jobs going forward. This was a great experience to forgo at the age of 23.



 Letter #3  

JoJo: You played a key role in the revolving turn over employees in your division. The lacks of supervisory skills dismantled a team. The below average score the division received year after year is a strategic component to the unsuccessful outcomes. Trust and integrity is a strategy that all employees need. Prior to this position, I worked as a teacher. I must say dealing with a room full of preschoolers was much simpler than coping with you. After a long overdue talk with my husband about this brand and you, we have concluded this isn’t the job for me. Thanks for opening my eyes. I’m putting in my two week notice because my husband stated I have options. He is responsible for providing life necessities, home, food, transportation, etc. A long overdue MBA is my new business plan. Thank you for your poor behavior. It is the source of my long overdue path to further my education.  Halo-Orangees states “Our Blog delivers reinforcement and inspiration to our community of readers to never give up, by taking the totality of their negative experiences, roll them up into one, and use them positively to lay the foundation to their destiny,”(Author B.L. Brown). I’ll go all out to live by this statement from this day forward!  My negative experiences with you have created a positive window of opportunity. 

Best Regards,

Eyes Open

 On Fridays we will post “Workforce Letter of Forgiveness” from workforce employees-employers world-wide.

 Halo-Orangees’ Workforce Letter of Forgiveness Movement Guidelines

How It Works-If you’re experiencing conflicts at work or have encountered past problematic people in the workplace, you are invited to join Halo-Orangees Workforce Letter of Forgiveness Movement. This movement is designed to aid immediately the start of healing within workplace environments. As workforce professionals, we spend eight to twelve hours five days a week in our perspective workplace.

Although each letter must display an attempt someone made to hurt you, the positive outcome of their actions must be indicated or the letter serves no beneficial purpose on Halo-Orangees Blog. Keep in mind Halo-Orangees Blog is a balance between negative and positive life change. “Our Blog delivers reinforcement and inspirations to our community of readers to never give up, by taking the totality of their negative experiences, rolling them in one, and use them positively to lay the foundation to their destiny,” (Author B.L. Brown-Halo-Orangees Book).

We are committed to supporting people (our community of readers) who are encountering hardships in their personal and professional life to change their mind-set for a focus on better results.

To be part of this movement, submit your “Workforce Letter of Forgiveness” by Wednesday of each week (6:00 P.M.). All letters submitted after the current week’s deadline will be posted the following week.  It is unacceptable to use actual names on the Workforce Letter of Forgiveness. Therefore, all Workforce Letter of Forgiveness must include pin names. This keeps the inspirational vibe alive!  Submit your story via Halo-Orangees submission form or email us at Please make sure the subject of your email reads “Workforce Letter of Forgiveness Submission”.

All Workforce Letter of Forgiveness submission should appear in the same format as Workforce Letter of Forgiveness posted above.

 Reiteration of Guidelines & Encouragement

Please make sure the subject of your email reads “Workforce Letter of Forgiveness Submission”. Remember each letter must have an equal balance between negative and positive. The positive ending of the negative actions must be principal or your letter won’t be posted (negative=positive). With great emphasis AGAIN, this platform will absolutely never be used to HURT ANYONE! It is against the guidelines to include actual names (PIN NAMES ONLY). The heart purpose of this movement is to open doors of forgiveness, healing, and self-realization to a destined driven life purpose!

“Inner belief is the awareness of knowing who you are as an individual and believing in who you have the power to become” (Author B.L. Brown Halo-Orangees).           


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