Ashford University is Halo-Orangees’ Customer Service Spotlight Company for the Month of March 2014

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Ashford University Spotlight was Earned by Joel Murillo


One of the golden rules in business is “the customer is always right”! How customers feel about your brand ranks #1 on the list of mainstay aspects of being successful. The more valued a customer’s feels the more likely they will return; repeat customers are great sources of word of mouth marketing. Word of mouth business will always be one of the most fundamental methods to gain new customers. Customer service is the heart and soul contribution of a business.  The value placed on servicing customers has a paramount resounding effect on repeat as well as new business. It’s the proper stance to express appreciation to customers. Customers are treasures to all brands  and must be cherished at all times. 

Ashford University is Halo-Orangees’ Customer Service Spotlight Company for the Month of March 2014, spotlight was earned by Joel Murillo. Joel is an Ashford University academic advisor with impeccable customer service talent.  I received my MBA from Ashford University and had the high honor of having Joel Murillo as my academic advisor. He is informative, detailed, encouraging and full of patients. Mr. Murillo delivers a far above the ground level of customer service. His flair to inform students on Ashford University programs is stupendous.   

Academic Advisor Joel Murillo understands the value of a good education and the importance of students meeting the requirements of their selected program. A good education is the one thing that no one can ever discredit, nor take away. It is one of the greatest investments one can make. Education is power, power is knowledge. A good education can develop into a career of success. Education is insight to a particular career field and exceptional career opportunities. What is more an education is a development into ones destiny.  

Although I have never been a quitter on the last leg of my educational tour at Ashford University; I felt like giving up due to countless work hours and family, something had to give. Since work provides life necessities and there is no quitting in parenting, school was up for elimination.  After several motivational conversations with Joel I forged ahead achieving the goal of earning my MBA. Everyone knows one of the key elements to successful customer service is response time. Well Joel is a student customer service response whiz. There should be a picture of him in the dictionary next to the word “prompt response”. Joel’s response time is excellent and far above what one would consider timely matter. His ability to make certain that students are on track for graduation is on a level of high excellence. Here is my word of mouth referral-Ashford University is a great educational program and Joel Murillo is a highly professional productive part of the service provided at this university. I highly recommend Ashford University as an exceptional educational program and Joel Murillo as an academic advisor.

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