Halo-Orangees “Chain of Empowerment” Two Hands Pass it on Approach – The Two Hands Receive it Approach (empowering teams) Overview

Posted on Apr 12 2014 - 1:11pm by Author B.L. Brown

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All organizations have a two-fold obligation to both management and employees.  This obligation is to pass on the corporate message that knowledge is power.  Training and proper performance tools are essential to all organizations.  Sound organizational foundations are developed through solid communications.  Positive communications exchange is fundamental in achieving organizational goals and objectives.  It ensures the doors of communications are open throughout the entire organizational structure. 

Open communications must be supported by a strategic plan of action.  Strategic plans incorporate performance standards.  Performance standards affect the style, tone and organizational structure.  The approach utilized to lay the organizational foundation dictates the success of the company.  The Halo-Orangees “Chain of Empowerment: Two Hands Pass it on Approach and Two Hands Receive it Approach” Program is a part of the many tools included in Halo-Orangees employer-employee brand.  Team empowerment centralizes the workplace by simplifying the organizational purpose.  A chain of empowerment programs links the employers and employees on a “one accord” organizational journey of longevity.  The chain of empowerment learned from skills transferred from person to person is a secure organizational feature.  A chain of organizational empowerment is an enormous piece of any organizations puzzle.  The chain of empowerment is the primary link connecting employees throughout the organization. 

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