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Cultivating a Business Idea from the Ground up into a Marketable Functional Brand is Risky Business

Starting a business is tremendously risky, however so is working for someone else. The job market is currently very unstable! The unemployment rate has hit an all-time high without any signs of a positive turn around in visual sight.  There is a huge different between having a business idea and developing the concept into reality. It’s takes creativity, long hours and endless handwork to cultivate a business idea from the ground up into a marketable functional brand.

DeVante Arbet founder and CEO of TheGospelGuru.com developed “The Gospel Guru” (TGG) into an operative brand in four months.  TGG is dedicated to keeping Gospel music lovers in the know about all things Christian and Gospel in the music and entertainment industry.  

Arbet has fashioned a trademark stand out business. TGG is the #1 consumer brand of choice for the latest news, press, products, reviews for Christian and Gospel music. TheGospelGuru.com is a knowledge base for the culture of Christian/Gospel music, events, artist, praise and worship. Praise and worship music has undergone a remarkable transformation as it has moved to the forefront in motivating people on a universal level to cope with the inescapable struggles and stresses of life.  The genre of gospel music is one of the most powerful inspirational self-help tools on the market.  

“The Gospel Guru was on hand at BET’s 2014 Celebration of Gospel last month at the Orpheum Theater in Los Angeles, Devante chatted with host Taraji P. Henson to vocal prowess and winner of BET’s Sunday Best, Tasha Page Lockhart to dish on their latest projects – including new ventures and much more”.


There are many motivational ideas created internationally. However, TheGospelGuru.com is in a class that has evolved into becoming one of the most iconic of all time! Not only is DeVante Arbet a successful businessman, he’s a teacher to on lookers providing members of his audience with a successful step by step blueprint on how to effectively manufacture a thriving business from ground zero.

Without the necessary characteristics of self-discipline starting and sustaining a successful business isn’t possible. It takes courage as well as a massive level of willpower to survive the development of starting a business.

In a rare interview with Halo-Orangees “The Gospel Guru” talks cultivating a business idea into actuality, being dictated to Christian/Gospel music and bridging the gaps between Christian and Gospel music.

Author B.L. Brown- Tell Halo-Orangees readers a little about DeVante Arbet (The Gospel Guru). Where are you from? What’s your passion?

The Gospel Guru-I’m from a small town in Louisiana–Bastrop, to be exact. My passion is gospel music…lol. I practically live and breathe it.

Author B.L. Brown- What sparked the creation of “The Gospel Guru” brand?

The Gospel Guru-Well, a good friend of mine, Walter would always call me “gospel guru” just because I was always so knowledgeable about things in gospel music, and one day I decided to brand the name and the rest is history.

Author B.L. Brown-Why build a niche market brand centered on gospel music?

The Gospel Guru-Why not? Gospel music is the most important genre of music.

Author B.L. Brown- Who is the first gospel artist you interviewed?

The Gospel Guru-The first gospel artist I interviewed was Tim Bowman Jr.

Author B.L. Brown- How long did it take to develop “The Gospel Guru” into a successful brand?

The Gospel Guru-It took about 3-4 months to get things off the ground for TGG.

Author B.L. Brown- What has been your biggest challenge in business so far?

The Gospel Guru-I’d have to say just adapting to the way of the music industry.

Author B.L. Brown- What has been your most rewarding accomplishment since launching the “The Gospel Guru” brand?

The Gospel Guru-Doing what I love and loving what I do, pursuing my passion keeping gospel music lovers in the know about all things Christian/Gospel music; all while praising GOD.

Author B.L. Brown-You’ve interviewed some of the most iconic gospel artist of all time. How does it feel to reach such a high level of success?

The Gospel Guru– I’m forever grateful for the platform that God has allotted me but I feel that my success story is still being written. So stay tuned for that answer…hahaha.

Author B.L. Brown-What advice can you give other entrepreneurs who are experiencing challenges developing their business into a successful brand?

The Gospel Guru-My only advice is to keep God first, acknowledge him in everything you do. Also, make sure you study and research your area of interest. Knowledge is power.

Author B.L. Brown-What advice can you give to children/youth who are followers rather than leaders (get involved with the wrong type of people)?

The Gospel Guru– I believe that we all have a purpose and a calling. For many of us it is not always easily apparent while other people say that they knew what they were called to do from childhood. It’s important for us to discover our purpose in life, so that we may live a purpose driven life.

Author B.L. Brown– What’s your favorite quote?

The Gospel Guru-“Our lives begin to end the day we become silent about things that matter.” – MLK

Author B.L. Brown-What’s next for the “The Gospel Guru” brand? What projects are you currently working on?

The Gospel Guru– I’m currently working on a compilation series, that’s slated to be released early 2015. Look out for the first installment from my compilation series “The Gospel Guru presents…” Jan. 2015.

For more information on The Gospel Guru visit Website The GospelGuru.com. Drop by TheGospelGuru.com social media sites follow, like and listen- Twitter, Instagram,Facebook, YouTube Channel.

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