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 New Hit Single-RIOT Lyric Video 

Rising star Mandy Rain is an exceptionally gifted singer paving her own pathway in the music industry.  A triple threat performer, Mandy is an actress, dancer and singer/ songwriter. She first became widely known at the age of twelve on the Nickelodeon network TV show “Star Camp” and the Giggle Club band.   

Rain who, was discovered by Nick Cannon new hit single RIOT features her infectious talent, vocal tones, powerful range and unique sound of a rising star. Her single entitled, RIOT is doing just that causing a disturbance triggering attention internationally setting the pace for her to blaze a trail for others to follow. Mandy co-wrote ROIT along with Isaac Hasson, who also composed the song, as well as Abram Dean & Brandyn Burnette.  

In each performance Rain never fails to wow audiences with her powerful voice. She is poised for superstardom, touring on a musical road of success.   Every superstar journey starts with a dream. Moreover desire to fulfillment that dream. We all have the power to set in motion the course to live our dreams. Not only has Mandy Rain embarked on the course to live her dreams she’s breaking new ground, cultivating a huge continuously growing fan base, ascertaining herself; all while earning universal recognition. Her incredible standout musical talent landed her on the cover of Dopeness magazine Issue #10.   

The “Who’s Looking List” listed Rain as one of the twenty rising stars in 2013 and 2014.

In an Exclusive Halo-Orangees interview Mandy Rain talks, music career, new hit single ROIT and once being a subject of bullying.

Author B.L. Brown– Tell Halo-Orangees readers a little about yourself. Where are you from?Mandy Rain

Mandy Rain-I’m Amanda Rose Moseley, known as Mandy Rain. I’m 20 years young & originally from Hollywood, FL now residing in Hollywood, CA. I’m a singer, dancer, songwriter & actress.

Author B.L. Brown– Describe yourself in three words.

Mandy Rain-Independent, Empathetic & Confident.

Author B.L. Brown- You are a triple threat, recording artist, dancer and actress. What inspires you?

Mandy Rain-In a perinatal light, I would have to say my mom. She is one of the strongest people I know. She is so grounded, loyal & strong so I patterned what I do in my personal life, after her path she’s made for me. In a musical way, I’ve really always loved the way Christina Aguliera conducts herself. She’s such a classy, sexy woman & I love that about her, not to mention the strength behind her voice. I’ve always wanted to show girls there’s a way to be sexy without crossing lines.

Author B.L. Brown– In 2007 you auditioned for the Nickelodeon network TV show “Star Camp”. You alongside seven other kids were selected to be a part of the show and “The Giggle Club”. Nick Cannon “The Giggle Club’s” producer saw superstar potential in you and decided to develop you for a solo career. What did it mean to have Nick Cannon believe in you as an artist (Mandy Rain has what it takes to reach superstardom)?

Mandy Rain-It was unreal. I remember he kept referring to me as a “monster” & my father would always be like, is that a bad thing? Nick would always laugh and so no, it’s a very good thing.

Author B.L. Brown-How do you define your music? What makes you different than other female recording artists?

Mandy Rain-I generalize my music as the “pop” category but it’s much more than that. School Gyrls (the girl group I was a part of) was pop, but I think my new music is more of a dirty pop. It has a dance base to it, because I’m a dancer and a performer, but I can really sing so, I want to be able to show my voice off through my music as well. It’s sexy, and mature but classy.

Author B.L. Brown– Which artists would you like to collaborate with?

Mandy Rain-I really love Bruno Mars & I’ll have to say Pitbull.

Author B.L. Brown– Did you write or co-write your single Riot?

Mandy Rain-I co-wrote the song with Isaac Hasson, who also composed the song, as well as Abram Dean & Brandyn Burnette.

Author B.L. Brown– What has been the biggest hurdle you’ve overcome in your career?

Mandy Rain-Probably leaving the girl group, because I had to wait out my contracts and that held me back for a while. I have overcome little things everyday & keep pushing. I can’t tell you how many “no’s” I’ve heard. And while I’ve heard quite a few “yes'” it’s hard to hear no anytime when it’s something you’re so in love with and passionate about.

Author B.L. Brown-What has been your biggest achievement?

Mandy Rain-Probably overcoming that hump of leaving the group. I could say, the two movies, signing to Island Def Jam at 15, touring China, all those things were unreal, but my biggest achievement was leaving the group. It was terrifying, because at the time I had nothing to turn to, but I knew I couldn’t go in that direction anymore and the way I was going to be portrayed was not what I wanted my fans to see, because it wasn’t me. That took a ton of courage.

Author B.L. Brown-Bullying is an ongoing crisis having an emotional impact on youth of all ages globally. If you were a subject of bullying how would you handle?

Mandy Rain-I have been a subject of being bullied quite a bit. In school, I was always different. I didn’t like wearing what my peers were; I wanted to stand out always. I wanted to be a popstar in school & no one really understood it. I grew up in very cookie cutter schools and so whenever I would divert from the “norm” I was made fun of in some way. Also, because I was very blessed at young age with being on TV & in movies, I was actually slightly treated differently by teachers and principals etc.   My parents put me through regular schooling up until 9th grade to give me a normal upbringing, something that I could look back on and say okay, I did that, and not be resentful because I didn’t have a childhood, but people would get resentful and call me privileged. It was frustrating because I was 12! I didn’t understand why people could be so mean, when all I was doing was being me. My only advice is you have two choices, you can either give in, and cry and yell, or you can let it go. They WANT to get a rise out of you, that’s why they started with you in the first place and you need to understand it is their problem not yours. They lose if you just walk away, and they’ll keep trying. You just have to be strong, and be happy being who you are.

Author B.L. Brown– What’s your favorite motto or quote?

Mandy Rain-“Don’t follow the trends, set them.” -Me

Author B.L. Brown– What does Mandy Rain do for fun?

Mandy Rain-I love to swim, work out, shop, and spend time with my family. I’m not really a party girl more of a homebody!

Author B.L. Brown– Beyond music what other projects are you working? 

Mandy Rain-Right now my main focus is my music, I’ve gotten some TV/film offers, and we’ll see what happens, but my focus is solely on my music for the mean time.

Author B.L. Brown– Where do you see yourself in 2 years?

Mandy Rain-On tour, meeting my incredible fans!

Author B.L. Brown- Is there anything else you’d like to share? (about yourself, company, products, service etc.,).

Mandy Rain-My single #RIOT is out right now & I’d love the support to check it out!

For more information on Mandy Rain visit Website . Be sure to purchase Mandy ‘s hit single “Riot” available on iTunes. Drop by Mandy’s social media sites follow, like and listen- Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, Mandy Rain YouTube Channel.



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